Wp-united and WordPress 3.9

Updated: wp-united is not maintaned any more. Try to look for something else.

Updated (old): the new version of wp-united is availible

Wp-united breaks theme integration of wordpress 3.9 and phpbb 3.0.12.

The Solution is:

Relpace this line
file core-patcher.php
line 273
$cSet = str_replace('$wp->init()', 'function wpu_deferred_wp_load() { $GLOBALS[\'wp\']->init()', $cSet);

with this
$cSet = str_replace('$GLOBALS[\'wp\']->init()', 'function wpu_deferred_wp_load() { $GLOBALS[\'wp\']->init()', $cSet);

Don’t forget to empty all the files (other than .htaccess and cache_readme.txt) from the /wp-content/plugins/wp-united/cache folder – otherwise you’ll still get the white screen of death on your forum. (by ConfusedTA)

Here is the fixed version: wp-united-release-full_fixed

Fixes for user integration UI : wpu_ui_user_intrgration_fixed, replace files in /wp-content/plugins/wp-united/js/

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